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Campus Directory
First Name Last Name Extension E-Mail Location Department
Micheal Abrahams 3530 DB-100-108E Student Disability Services
Anvar Abrorkhujaev 3525 DB-300-108M Information Technology
Academic Affairs Fax Academic Affairs Fax 386-506-4445 DB-100-404L FAX
Accounting Finance Fax Accounting Finance Fax 386-506-3154 DB-100-309 FAX
Ricardo Acevedo 7332 DTC-1-203B Enrollment
Mattie Adams 3930 DB-540-222 English
Jameal Adkins 4139 ATC-1-215R Computer Science
Admissions Admissions 3642 DB-100-109 Admissions
Adult Education Fax Adult Education Fax 386-506-3812 DB-300-215 FAX
Air Conditioning,Heating & Refrigeration Air Conditioning,Heating & Refrigeration 4175 ATC-1-164 Air Conditioning,Heating & Refrigeration
Kimberly Alacan 2033 WC-5-115 Mathematics
Abraham Alamalhodaei 4620 DB-220-226 Cultural Arts
Randall Allbritton 3501 DB-500-162 Mathematics
Brian Allen 3359 DB-300-120E Information Technology
Lisa Allen 3946 DB-1200-139 College of Hospitality
Stephen Allen 3372 DB-200-109 Information Technology
Allied Health Fax Allied Health Fax 386-506-3300 DB-320-551 FAX
Allied Health Fax Allied Health Fax 386-506-4491 DB-320-527 FAX
Carol S. Allison 3187 DB-100-303I Human Resources
Laura Anderson 3248 DB-310-244 Athletics
Andrea Angel 3873 DB-320-222 Nursing
Vickie Apicella 3434 DB-300-229B Center for Women & Men
Appeals Appeals 3781 DB-100-204A Appeals
Jeannie Marie Appleby 3774 DB-400-153C Instructional Resources
Aquatics Aquatics 4386 DB-310-152 Health & Wellness
Diane Aronowitz 7309 DTC-1-217 Academic Advising
William Arrington 3725 DB-320-226 Nursing
Arts & Sciences Fax Arts & Sciences Fax 386-506-4493 DB-330-243 FAX
Assessment Deltona FAX Assessment Deltona FAX 7361 DTC-1-206 FAX
ATC Auto Body ATC Auto body 4169 ATC-1-179 Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing
ATC Campus Safety ATC Campus Safety 4190 ATC-1-106 Campus Safety ATC
ATC Computer Science Fax ATC Computer Science Fax 386-506-4111 ATC-1-215 FAX
ATC FAX ATC FAX 386-506-4191 ATC-1-107E FAX
ATC Financial Aid ATC Financial Aid 4185 ATC-1-124M Financial Aid
ATC SGA ATC SGA 4164 ATC-1-215V Student Government
Melissa Athanas 2022 WC-7-106 Financial Aid
Athletics Athletics 3097 DB-310-235 Athletics
Athletics Department Fax Athletics Department Fax 386-506-4485 DB-310-235 FAX
Automotive Automotive 4169 ATC-1-171C Automotive Service Management Technology
Jennifer Ayala 6318 SC-2-131 Science
Sue Ayres Bronte 7356 DTC-1-217 Academic Advising
Brian T. Babb 4457 DB-100-402R President's Office
Grady Babbs 3310 DB-1100-105 Central Recieving
James Backer 3767 DB-410-126 Science
Valerie Bacmeister 3502 DB-100-309F Accounting
Kristofer Bailey 3062 DB-300-229C Center for Women & Men
Christopher Baker 3422 DB-300-108Q Information Technology
Kristen Bales 3034 DB-200-107A Writing Center
Michele Balfour 4186 ATC-1-207 Computer Science
Robert Balsamo 4815 FC-2-104 Academic Support Center
Carolan Baltzegar 6305 SC-1-106 Student Development
Dana Bancer 3747 DB-320-428 Allied Health
John Banker 2024 WC-7-118 Campus Safety WC
Charlease Banks 3194 DB-300-108A Information Technology
Jerome Banks 2002 WC-7-104E Enrollment
Elizabeth Barnes 3807 DB-540-233 English
Paul Barnett 3637 DB-540-104 Campus Safety DB
Robin L. Barr 4473 DB-100-303L Human Resources/Employee Equity
Sabrina Barron 3458 DB-100-105 Registration
BAS Program FAX BAS Program FAX 386-506-3923 DB-150-400H FAX
Padraic Bates 2029 WC-7-117 Assessment
Kae Bauder 3554 DB-100-208 Records
Lance Baxter 4825 FC-2-100D Adult Education
Gail P. Beckwith 3695 DB-500-135 Mathematics
Kimberly Beechler 3722 DB-320-321 Nursing
Jennifer Bell 4303 DB-410-224 Science
Nicholas Bellino 3841 DB-1200-206 College of Hospitality
Tom Bellomo 3611 DB-100-405 QEP Director
Gary Benefield 4121 ATC-1-213 Information Technology
Steven Benson 3932 DB-530-232H Photography
Steve Berman 4049 DB-UCF-140-310D UCF-Psychology
Jasmine Bernard 4278 DB-200-206 Faculty Innovation
Trent Berning 3347 DB-220-123 SMEA
Georgiana A. Bevacqua 3393 DB-100-102B Student Accounts
Angie Bevilacqua 386-252-0601 x205 DB-600-101 FSU
Anita Bevins 3936 DB-400-106 Instructional Resources
Daniel Biferie 3581 DB-530-232A Photography
William Biferie 3438 DB-100-107Q Academic Advising
James Bishop 3340 DB-500-171 Mathematics
Veronica Black 3455 DB-100-309C Accounting
Ana Blaine 3188 DB-200-301E College of Education
Erika Blanken 3919 DB-500-141 Mathematics
Kenneth Blankumsee 6308 SC-1-110 Assessment
Robert Bledsoe 4031 DB-UCF-150-308B UCF-Political Science
Joan Bockmiller 2218 WC-7-146 Academic Advising
DeWarren Bolden 3342 DB-300-125D Information Technology
Julie Bolton 6302 SC-1-106 Enrollment
Allan P. Bonamy 3760 DB-410-206 Science
Joseph Bond 3505 DB-300-135 Information Technology
Gabriele Booth 6306 SC-2-141 Mathematics
Richard Bosman 4127 ATC-1-171C Automotive Services
Eric M. Bouse 3480 DB-300-113B Information Technology
Box Office Management Office Box Office Management Office 1905 NJC-1-103 Cultural Arts
Amy Brackel 2201 WC-4-216 Speech
John Brady 3837 DB-100-212A Global Education & Affairs
Karen Braley 4821 FC-2-113 Science
Jerold Braun 3538 DB-200-430 School of Applied Business
Eric J. Breitenbach 3542 DB-530-232F Photography
Jenny Bridger 3816 DB-320-022 EMS
Joseph Rick Briggs 3023 DB-100-104 Financial Aid Services - Student Employment Office
Heidi Brodick 3095 DB-510-112 Cosmetology
Mindy Brodsky 3445 DB-500-105 Academic Support Center
Emma Brombin 3239 DB-340-207 School of World Languages
Kelly Brooks 3968 DB-500-143 Mathematics
Jamie Brown 4834 FC-2-106D Academic Support Center
Laura A. Brown 3282 DB-310-248 Athletics
Melissa Brown 3052 DB-320-549 Allied Health
Nicole Brown 3628 DB-200-409 BAS Program
Taryn Brown 3967 DB-1200-204 College of Hospitality
Vickie Brown 3960 DB-100-224 School of Student Life Skills
Tina Browne 3020 DB-100-100 Admissions
La'Shonda Broxton 3423 DB-300-233B Trio Talent Search
April Brunning 3041 DB-400-106F Instructional Resources
Mary Bruno 3618 DB-110-237 Engineering Technology
Christopher Buck 7306 DTC-1-104 Academic Support Center
Virginia Cindy Bunton 3866 DB-500-124C Alternative Services
Mike F. Burke 4102 DB-300-125 Information Technology
Christine Burnette 3178 DB-310-235 Aquatics
Kay Burniston 3658 DB-100-302M Foundation
Anne Burroughs 3296 DB-320-243 Nursing
Jeffrey A. Burton 4146 ATC-1-215H Computer Science
Shamon Burton 3647 DB-100-218E Marketing
Cherelyn Bush 4807 FC-2-113 Humanities
Angie Bushy 4032 DB-UCF-140-308A UCF-Nursing
Richard Butler 3336 DB-230-122 Music
Monica Buxo 3309 DB-100-118H Admissions
Lori Byrd 3706 DB-100-303K Human Resources
Cafe Pizza Line Cafe Pizza Line 3826 DB-130-142 Cafeteria
Cafe' 101 Cafe' 101 3859 DB-1200-108 Culinary
Reggie Calhoun 3437 DB-400-154B Instructional Resources
Benjamin Callahan 3477 DB-100-104 Financial Aid
Brian Calnan 4152 ATC-1-107A Facilities Services/Grounds & AC
Elizabeth Camarota 3630 DB-540-231 English
Christopher L. Cameron 4132 ATC-1-215E Computer Science
Suzette Cameron 4506 DB-100-302 Foundation
Gregory Campbell 3071 DB-100-118D Admissions
Jennifer F. Campbell 3999 DB-100-307D Payroll
Marc Campbell 3520 DB-500-134 Mathematics
Teresa L. Campbell 4203 ATC-1-107 Fire Science Training Center
Isabel Candelas 7320 DTC-1-115F Center for Women & Men
Ileana Cantillo 3815 DB-100-208F Records
Paul Capps 7308 DTC-1-220 Mathematics
Career Services Career Services 3073 DB-100-205L Career Services
Misty Carlson 3780 DB-320-425 Allied Health
Charles Carrier 3857 DB-300-120G Information Technology
Scott Carter 4047 DB-UCF-150-200B UCF-Sociology
Betty L. Cartwright 3731 DB-320-317 Nursing
Melinda Casciolli 3220 DB-210-118 Library
Martin Cass 3118 DB-100-309H Accounting
Joseph Cassella 4061 DB-UCF-140-204C UCF-Computer Lab
Paul Cassidy 3490 DB-100-118A Admissions
Cristeen Caswell 6333 SC-1-112 Adult Education
Catherine Caughie 3553 DB-100-210 Enrollment
CBI fax CBI fax 386-506-4465 DB-110-219 FAX
Diane Cemelich 2044 WC-7-146 Academic Advising
Jonathan Cemelich 2040 WC-Port-107-A Information Technology
Center for Business & Industry Center for Business & Industry 4450 DB-110-205 Center for Business & Industry
Center for Women and Men Fax Center for Women and Men Fax 386-506-3145 DB-300-227B FAX
Central Receiving Fax Central Receiving Fax 3809 DB-1100-106 FAX
Central Receiving Fax Central Receiving Fax 386-506-3809 DB-1100-102 FAX
Andrew Chalanick 3203 DB-400-154H WDSC-TV 15
Rudy Chamble 3380 DB-100-104S Financial Aid
Bridgette Cherry 4165 ATC-1-104B Apprenticeship Programs
Andra Chisholm 3993 DB-1200-101 Culinary
Jack C. Chou 4130 ATC-1-215W Computer Science
Norton M. Christeson 3339 DB-230-117 Cultural Arts
Scott Christopher 4836 FC-1-101F Academic Advising
Michelle R. Church 3126 DB-300-113A Information Technology
Jill Clark 2016 WC-4-216 English
Kathryn Clark 3820 DB-300-223B Adult Education
Kathy D. Clarke 4423 DB-300-135 Information Technology
Job Clement 6322 SC-2-147 Behavioral Science
Mercedes B. Clement 3440 DB-210-135A Library
Neil Clemons 2001 WC-7-159 Campus Services
Tanika Clemons 3839 DB-100-303K Benefits
Joy Colarusso 3603 DB-200-413 School of Applied Business
Timothy Colburn 3279 DB-520-108 Workforce & Cont Ed
Rosalind Coleman 3424 DB-100-208L Records
College of Education College of Education 4374 DB-200-317 College of Education
Rabecka Collins 3584 DB-500-109 Div. of Alternative Student Services
Jeffrey W. Conklin 3735 DB-1200-114 Culinary
John V. Connor 3406 DB-200-323 College of Education
Bruce Cook 4417 DB-130-116 Student Activities
Jennifer Cooper 3457 DB-100-208S Records
Loren Cooper 2036 WC-1-113 Writing Center
Emily Coppa 4163 ATC-1-107F Computer Science
Ray Cornelius 4327 DB-340-213C World Languages
Janae Corrado 4117 ATC-1-215S Visual Arts
Johnnie Cortes 2024 WC-7-118 Campus Safety DB
Cosmetology Cosmetology 386-506-3855 DB-620-100 FAX
Cosmetology Fax DTC Cosmetology Fax DTC 386-789-7325 DTC-1-103 FAX
Olga Costa 3361 DB-210-135D Library
Toni Couzenza 3922 DB-320-224 Nursing
Lisa Crabtree 6307 SC-1-101 Campus Director Office
Mary Beth Craig-Oatley 3624 DB-320-115 Allied Health
John Philip Craiger 4149 ATC-1-107L Engineering Technology
Bethany Creamer 4158 ATC-1-215 Interior Design
Kelly B. Creswell 3190 DB-100-105K Financial Aid
Kim B. Csabi 3989 DB-310-249 Athletics/Health
Lucy Csihas 3550 DB-300-231B Adult Education
Katheryn Csonka 3718 DB-320-221 Nursing
Culinary Fax Culinary Fax 386-506-3863 DB-1200-109 FAX
Culinary Information Culinary Information 3594 DB-1200-121 Culinary
Linda Cupick 3511 DB-200-422B School of Applied Business
Patricha Dabney 3069 DB-320-213 Nursing
Juleen Daley 3734 DB-320-318 Nursing
Rachael Dalton 3636 DB-300-113 Information Technology
Daytona Foundation Department Datyona Foundation Department 3195 DB-100-302 Foundation
Yja Davenport 3299 DB-100-105L Financial Aid
Matthew Davids 3410 DB-300-206 Adult Education
Abbie Davis 3943 DB-100-104R Financial Aid
Christina Davis 4078 DB-UCF-140-107I UCF-Academic Advising
Don Rusty Davis 3271 DB-300-114 Information Technology
Jane Davis 3987 DB-300-108C Information Technology
Kristen Davis 3521 DB-210-120 Library
La Tassa Davis 3185 DB-320-137 Allied Health
LeeAnn Davis 3404 DB-100-105H Academic Advising
Robin Davis 4141 ATC-1-107S Criminal Justice
Tristan Davison 4304 DB-200-330 BAS Program
Venus Day 3969 DB-100-104A Financial Aid
Yudith M. Day-Wygant 3436 DB-300-108G Information Technology
Daytona Admissions FAX Daytona Admissions FAX 386-506-3940 DB-100-118A FAX
Daytona Academic Advising Daytona Academic Advising 3661 DB-100-105 Academic Advising
Daytona Academic Advising Fax Daytona Academic Advising Fax 386-506-3105 DB-100-203A FAX
Daytona Academic Advising Fax Daytona Academic Advising Fax 386-506-3744 DB-100-105 FAX
Daytona Academic Support Center Daytona Academic Support Center 3673 DB-500-124 Academic Support Center
Daytona Academic Support Center Fax Daytona Academic Support Center Fax 4481 DB-500-107 FAX
Daytona Admissions Daytona Admissions 3059 DB-100-106 Admissions
Daytona Admissions/ Recruitment Daytona Admissions/ Recruitment 4471 DB-100-108 Admissions/Recruitment
Daytona Adult Education Daytona Adult Education 3059 DB-100-107 Admissions
Daytona Assessment Service Daytona Assessment Service 3789 DB-100-107 Assessment
Daytona Assessment Service Daytona Assessment Service 3067 DB-100-107 Assessment
Daytona Assessment Services Fax Daytona Assessment Services Fax 386-506-3108 DB-100-107B FAX
Daytona Business Technology's Department Fax Daytona Business Technology's Department Fax 386-506-4492 DB-200-406 FAX
Daytona Cafeteria Daytona Cafeteria 3039 DB-130-136 Cafeteria
Daytona Campus Bookstore Daytona Campus Bookstore 3234 DB-200-102 Bookstore
Daytona Campus Bookstore Daytona Campus Bookstore 3235 DB-200-102 Bookstore
Daytona Campus Bookstore Fax Daytona Campus Bookstore Fax 386-253-7424 DB-200-102 FAX
Daytona Campus Safety Daytona Campus Safety 4444 DB-540-116 Campus Safety DB
Daytona Campus Safety Department Fax Daytona Campus Safety Department Fax 386-506-3132 DB-540-116 FAX
Daytona Center for Women and Men Daytona Center for Women and Men 3068 DB-300-227 Center for Women & Men
Daytona Central Recieving Daytona Central Recieving 3804 DB-1100-105 Daytona Central Recieving
Daytona Community Interest Daytona Community Interest 4594 DB-110-230 Community Interest
Daytona Cosmetology Reception Daytona Cosmetology Reception 3319 DB-510-116 Cosmetology
Daytona Counseling Daytona Counseling 3038 DB-100-208 Counseling Services
Daytona Counseling Center Fax Daytona Counseling Center Fax 386-506-3150 DB-100-205 FAX
Daytona Cultural Arts Fax Daytona Cultural Arts Fax 386-506-3134 DB-230-134 FAX
Daytona Dance Studio Daytona Dance Studio 3231 DB-220-120 Studio Arts
Daytona Dental Reception Daytona Dental Reception 3027 DB-320-415 Dental Sciences
Daytona Energy Facilities Services Daytona Energy Facilities Services 3791 DB-430-110C Facilities Services/Energy
Daytona Facilities Services Daytona Facilities Services 4418 DB-430-127 Facilities Services/Maint.
Daytona Financial Aid Fax Daytona Financial Aid Fax 386-506-4442 DB-100-102 FAX
Daytona Fitness Center Daytona Fitness Center 4348 DB-310-101 Health & Wellness
Daytona Foundation Department Fax Daytona Foundation Department Fax 386-506-3014 DB-100-302 FAX
Daytona Fresh Start Program Daytona Fresh Start Program 3068 DB-300-227 Center for Women & Men
Daytona GED Testing Daytona GED Testing 3067 DB-100-107 Assessment
Daytona GED Testing Center Daytona GED Testing Center 3845 DB-100-107 Assessment
Daytona Grounds Facilities Services Daytona Grounds Facilities Services 3531 DB-430-125 Facilities Services/Grounds
Daytona Human Resources Fax Daytona Human Resources Fax 386-506-4482 DB-100-303C FAX
Daytona Library FAX Daytona Library FAX 386-506-3008 DB-210-124 FAX
Daytona Library Services Daytona Library Services 3055 DB-200 Library
Daytona Mailroom Daytona Mailroom 3292 DB-1100-102A Mailroom
Daytona Marketing Fax Daytona Marketing Fax 386-506-3577 DB-100-218 FAX
Daytona Massage Clinic Daytona Massage Clinic 3229 DB-320-137 Allied Health
Daytona Massage Therapy Daytona Massage Therapy 3052 DB-320-549 Allied Health
Daytona Math Department Fax Daytona Math Department Fax 386-506-3036 DB-500-137 FAX
Daytona Nursing Fax Daytona Nursing Fax 386-506-3181 DB-320-222 FAX
Daytona Photography Daytona Photography 3891 DB-530-103B Photography
Daytona Photography Stock Room Daytona Photography Stock Room 3588 DB-530-103F Photography
Daytona Purchasing Daytona Purchasing 3004 DB-1100-122 Purchasing
Daytona Purchasing Fax Daytona Purchasing Fax 386-506-4289 DB-1100-118 FAX
Daytona Records Department Fax Daytona Records Department Fax 386-506-4489 DB-100-208T FAX
Daytona Registration Q and A Daytona Registration Q and A 3136 DB-100-119 Registration
Daytona Science Fax Daytona Science Fax 386-506-3123 DB-410-207 FAX
Daytona Small Business Development Daytona Small Business Development 4723 DB-110-224 Small Business Dev.
Daytona Sodexo Cafeteria Fax Daytona Sodexo Cafeteria Fax 386-506-4439 DB-130-136 FAX
Daytona State Information Center Daytona State Information Center 3020 DB-100-Lobby Admissions
Daytona Student Accounts Fax Daytona Student Accounts Fax 386-506-4443 DB-100-103 FAX
Daytona Student Activities Daytona Student Activities 3131 DB-130-113 Student Activities
Daytona Student Disabilities Fax Daytona Student Disabilities Fax 386-506-3152 DB-130-108 FAX
Daytona Student Disability Services Daytona Student Disability Services 3238 DB-130-108 Student Disability Services
Daytona Theater Box Office Daytona Theater Box Office 3042 NJC-810 Theater/Cultural Programs
Daytona Therapeutic Massage Daytona Therapeutic Massage 3052 DB-320-552 Allied Health
Daytona Volusia Literacy Council Daytona Volusia Literacy Council 3639 DB-300-229B Volusia Literacy Council
Daytona World Languages Fax Daytona World Languages Fax 386-506-3156 DB-340-206 Daytona World Languages
Daytona Writing Center Daytona Writing Center 3297 DB-210-107 Writing Center
Nakia DeBlanc 3625 DB-310-246 Athletics
Tara L. DeBloom 3257 DB-100-404J Academic Affairs
Jeffrey DeGraff 4453 DB-1100-120 Purchasing
Lisa Deignan 3648 DB-100-218B Marketing & Communications
Deland Deli Deland Deli 2041 WC-7-125 Cafeteria
Deland Academic Advising Deland Academic Advising 2076 WC-7-100 Academic Advising
Deland Academic Advising Fax Deland Academic Advising Fax 386-785-2014 WC-7-140 FAX
Deland Academic Support Center Deland Academic Support Center 2087 WC-6-215 Academic Support Center
Deland Admissions Deland Admissions 2002 WC-7-104 Admissions
Deland Admissions FAX Deland Admissions FAX 386-785-2015 WC-7-109 FAX
Deland Adult Education Deland Adult Education 2215 WC-1-116 Adult Education
Deland Adult Education Fax Deland Adult Education Fax 386-785-2222 WC-1-123 FAX
Deland Adult Education Information Line Deland Adult Education Information Line 2216 WC-1-116 Adult Education
Deland Assessment Service Deland Assessment Service 2029 WC-7-117 Assessment
Deland Campus Bookstore Deland Campus Bookstore 2020 WC-7-121 Bookstore
Deland Campus Bookstore Fax Deland Campus Bookstore Fax 386-228-0529 WC-4-123 FAX
Deland Campus Safety Deland Campus Safety 2024 WC-7-118 Campus Safety WC
Deland Career Center Deland Career Center 2091 WC-7-136 Career Services
Deland Career Planning & Transfer Deland Career Planning & Transfer 2082 WC-7-136 Career Planning & Transfer
Deland Cashier Deland Cashier 2075 WC-7-104D Student Accounts
Deland Counseling Fax Deland Counseling Fax 386-785-2014 WC-7-140 FAX
Deland Cultural Arts Fax Deland Cultural Arts Fax 386-785-2233 WC-4-210 FAX
Deland English Department Fax Deland English Department Fax 386-785-2236 WC-5-109 FAX
Deland Library Resources Deland Library Resources 2017 WC-1-144 Library
Deland Math Department Fax Deland Math Department Fax 386-785-2236 WC-5-109 FAX
Deland Nursing Department Fax Deland Nursing Department Fax 386-785-2236 WC-5-109 FAX
Deland Physchology Fax Deland Physchology Fax 386-785-2233 WC- UCF-4-210 FAX
Deland Provost Fax Deland Provost Fax 386-785-2045 WC-7-160 FAX
Deland Registration Deland Registration 2011 WC-7-116 Registration
Deland Science Fax Deland Science Fax 386-785-2236 WC-5-109 FAX
Deland Student Disability Deland Student Disability 2082 WC-7-142 Student Disability Services
Deland Student Disability TDDY Phone Deland Student Disability TDDY Phone 386-785-2064 WC-7-142 Student Disability Services
Deland Tutoring Deland Tutoring 2070 WC-6-213 Academic Support Center
Deland Veteran Center Deland Veteran Center 2205 WC-7-104M Veteran's Center
Deland Volusia Literacy Council Deland Volusia Literacy Council 2085 WC-1-117 Volusia Literacy
Deland World Languages Fax Deland World Languages Fax 386-785-2236 WC-5-109 FAX
Deland Writing Center Deland Writing Center 2007 WC-1-113A Writing Center
Delans Facilities Services Delans Facilities Services 2019 WC-3-107 Facilities Services/Custodians WC
Carl Delesdernier 3011 DB-300-117 Information Technology
Deltona Academic Support Center Deltona Academic Support Center 7306 DTC-1-104 Academic Support Center
Deltona Admissions Deltona Admissions 7312 DTC-1-203 Admissions
Deltona Adult Education Deltona Adult Education 7355 DTC-1-115 Adult Education
Deltona Adult Education Fax Deltona Adult Education Fax 386-789-7358 DTC-1-115 FAX
Deltona Assessment Center Deltona Assessment Center 7313 DTC-1-206 Assessment
Deltona Campus Safety Deltona Campus Safety 7304 DTC-1-204 Campus Safety DTC
Deltona Center for Women and Men Deltona Center for Women and Men 7320 DTC-1-211 Center for Women & Men
Deltona Cosmetology Reception Deltona Cosmetology Reception 7347 DTC-103-002A Cosmetology
Deltona Fresh Start Program Deltona Fresh Start Program 7320 DTC-1-211 Center for Women & Men
Deltona Registration Deltona Registration 7310 DTC-1-203 Registration
Deltona Registration Department Fax Deltona Registration Department Fax 386-789-7333 DTC-1-219 FAX
Deltona Student Advising Deltona Student Advising 7315 DTC-1-216 Counseling Services
Deltona Upward Bound Fax Deltona Upward Bound Fax 386-789-7334 DTC-104-001 FAX
Deltona Writing Center Deltona Writing Center 7363 DTC-1-104B Writing Center
Dental Hygiene Clinic Dental Hygiene Clinic 2060 WC-6-101 Dental Sciences
John DePhino 4888 FC-3-114A Campus Safety FC
Sarah Desormeaux 3574 DB-200-428 BAS Program
Eugene Deyo 4169 ATC-1-179 Automotive
Shana Deyo 3709 DB-200-418A BAS Program
Carlos Diaz 4872 FC-1-104 Academic Support Center
Debra DiChiara 4044 DB-UCF-140-309B UCF-Nursing
Cynthia Dixon 3335 DB-100-104P Financial Aid
Gary Doane 3688 DB-430-110C Facilities Services/Energy
Paul Dodd 4154 ATC-1-215 Civil Engineering Technology
Brittany Dombrowski 3205 DB-100-218D Marketing & Communications
Donald Donado 3736 DB-400-137E WDSC-TV 15
Kevin Donlin 3787 DB-300-135 Information Technology
Katherine Donnelly 3740 DB-100-208D Records
Leo Dorbad 3571 DB-540-215 English
Andrew Dorsey 7357 DTC-1-233 Information Technology
Katherine Douglas 3006 DB-1200-121 Culinary
Martha C. Driscoll 4159 ATC-1-124L EMS
Dual Enrollment Dual Enrollment 3661 DB-100-105 Academic Advising
Kelly Duffy 3952 DB-320-239 Nursing
Kevin Duffy 4148 ATC-1-107D Criminal Justice
Karen Ann Duhlstine 3200 DB-100-402 President's Office
Nancy Duke 4838 FC-1-116C Cultural Arts
Christopher B. Dunham 3425 DB-200-313 Computer Science
Luckey Dunn 386-252-0601 x207 DB-600-101 FSU
Will R. Dunne 4486 DB-310-241 Athletics/Athletic Equity
Roberto Duran 7312 DTC-1-203 Admissions
Robert Dwarika 3934 DB-500-145 Mathematics
Patricia Dyke 4189 ATC-1-104D Technology and Occupational Programs
Sharon W. Dyke 3243 DB-100-313K Accounts Payable
Ronald Eaglin 4176 ATC-1-107B Engineering Technology
Verona Earl 3726 DB-320-321 Nursing
Steven D. Eckman 3180 DB-430A-104 Facilities Planning
Randy Eder 3334 DB-430-122 Facilities Planning
Educator Prep. Inst Educator Prep. Inst 386-506-3966 DB-300-223 FAX
Donna Edwards 3357 DB-320-320 Allied Health
Lisa Amber Edwards 3473 DB-100-104 Financial Aid
Angela Edwards-Johnson 4034; DB-UCF-210-207 UCF-Academic Advising
Alycia Ehlert 3769 DB-330-213 College of Arts & Science
Joumana El Ghali 3595 DB-100-321B Accounting
Matthew Elam 3846 DB-300-131 Information Technology
Sam H. Elliott 1919 NJC-1-220 SMEA
Sheila M. Ellison 4113 ATC-1-107V Criminal Justice
Jamie Ellsworth 3895 DB-100-107S Acdemic Advising
Raymond Emmett 3890 DB-410-205 Science
EMS Fax EMS Fax 386-506-4192 ATC-1-104A FAX
EMS Information Line EMS Information Line 4137 ATC-1-124 EMS Information Line
Karen M. Endebrock 2030 WC-5-214 Science
Jacqueline English 4444 DB-540-116 Campus Safety DB
English Department Fax English Department Fax 386-506-3117 DB-540-214 FAX
Roberta Enquist 3428 DB-100-118B Admissions
James Enslin 3025 DB-430-122 Facilities Services/Electrical
Facilities Planning Facilities Planning 4322 DB-430-103 Facilities Planning
Facilities Planning Fax Facilities Planning Fax 386-506-3045 DB-430-108 FAX
MAINT W.C. Facilities Services 2052 WC-3-104 Facilities Services/Maint.
Motor Pool Facilities Services 3265 DB-430-125 Facilities Services/Motor Pool
Facilities Services ADMIN Facilities Services ADMIN 3533 DB-430-108 Facilities Services/Admin
Facilities Services Electrical Facilities Services Electrical 3388 DB-430-122 Facilities Planning/Electrical
Facilities Services Irrigation Facilities Services Irrigation 3996 DB-430-124 Facilities Services/Irrigation
Facilities Services plumbing Facilities Services plumbing 3717 DB-430-118 Facilities Services/Plumbing
Facilities Services Transportation Reservation Facilities Services Transportation Reservation 3046 DB-430-108 Facilities Services/Transportation
Faculty Innovation Center Faculty Innovation Center 3485 DB-200-206F Faculty Innovation Center
Faculty Innovation Center Faculty Innovation Center 386-506-4427 DB-400-156 FAX
Patti Fahselt 4573 DB-300-124F Financial Education Federal Credit Union
Falcon Aid Helpdesk Falcon Aid Helpdesk 4243 DB-300-109 Falcon Aid
Falcon Online Falcon Online 3849 DB-300-109 Falcon Online
Bijan Fallahi 386-252-0601 x204 DB-600-101 FSU
Diane L Farrow 3799 DB-200-428 School of Applied Business
Leslie Fehl 3758 DB-320-423 Dental Sciences
Brittany Felton 3681 DB-300-123 Financial Education Federal Credit Union
Financial Aid Financial Aid 3015 DB-100-104E Financial Aid
Financial Education Federal Credit Union Financial Education Federal Credit Union 3040 DB-300-123 Financial Education Federal Credit Union
Samuel Finken 1917 NJC-810-212 News Journal Center
Nanett Fisher 3602 DB-100-105Q Academic Advising
Flagler Academic Support Center Flagler Academic Support Center 4872 FC-2-104 Academic Support Center
Flagler Administration Fax Flagler Administration Fax 386-246-4890 FC-2-100N FAX
Flagler Admissions Flagler Admissions 4804 FC-2-100 Admissions
Flagler Admissions Flagler Admissions 4805 FC-2-100 Admissions
Flagler Adult Education Flagler Adult Education 4825 FC-2-100 Adult Education
Flagler Assessment Center Flagler Assessment Center 4844 FC-1-115C Assessment
Flagler Assessment Center Flagler Assessment Center 4862 FC-2-104 Assessment
Flagler Campus Bookstore Flagler Campus Bookstore 4851 FC-3 Bookstore
Flagler Campus Safety Flagler Campus Safety 4888 FC-3-114 Campus Safety FC
Flagler Cashier Flagler Cashier 4809 FC-2-100 Student Accounts
Flagler Center for Women and Men Flagler Center for Women and Men 4871 FC-2-100C Center for Women & Men
Flagler Counseling Flagler Counseling 4820 FC-2-100D Counseling Services
Flagler Registration Flagler Registration 4809 FC-2-100J Registration
Flagler SGA Flagler SGA 4841 FC-1-101 Student Government
Flagler Small Business Development Flagler Small Business Development 4823 FC-1-104A Small Business Dev.
Flagler Student Disability Flagler Student Disability 4871 FC-Port-101 Student Disability Services
Flagler Student Disability TDDY Phone Flagler Student Disability TDDY Phone 386-246-4891 FC-2-104 Student Disability Services
Flagler Veteran's Center Flagler Veteran's Center 4841 FC-2-104C Veteran's Center
Tarick Flores 4809 FC-2-100 Enrollment
Michael Flota 3844 DB-330-217 Behavioral Science
Lori-Le Foote 3570 DB-1100-118 Purchasing
Robert Ford 4017 DB-UCF-140-202B UCF-Criminal Justice
Robert Forman 3065 DB-130-125 Veteran's Center
Lenora Forsythe 4058 DB-140-310E Pscyhology
John Alan Fortner 3990 DB-200-415 School of Applied Business
Ed Fouty 4060 DB-UCF-140-310E UCF-Psychology
Marge Frye 3556 DB-100-107D Assessment
FSU FSU 386-252-0601 DB-600-101 FSU
FSU FAX FSU FAX 386-252-4748 DB-600-101 FAX
Kathryn Fulco 3381 DB-100-118E Admissions
Elizabeth Fuller 3263 DB-210-118 Library
Muriel Vera Fuqua 3626 DB-540-202 English
Michael Furlong 3353 DB-UCF-210-207 Library
Future Teacher's Club Future Teacher's Club 3131 DB-130-113 Student Activities
Barbara A. Fyock 3615 DB-100-107F Assessment
Ellie Garcia 4059 DB-200-109 Information Technology
Christopher Gatrell 3204 DB-300-135 Information Technology
Harriett Gay 3738 DB-510-112 Cosmetology
Simon Gentilhomme 3959 DB-100-208G Enrollment
Carly Germany 3507 DB-300-117 Information Technology
Bradley Gero 3474 DB-440-108 Athletics
Lorraine Gerrity 4452 DB-510-114 Cosmetology
Douglas Giacobbe 2051 WC-4-128 Social Studies
Russell Gibbons 4444 DB-540-116 Campus Safety DB
Adissa Gibson 3831 DB-300-131 Information Technology
Andrea Gibson 3337 DB-200-206H Faculty Innovation Center
Barry T. Gibson 3122 DB-500-146 Mathematics
Ian Gibson 4603 DB-310-247 School of Health & Wellness
Dora H. Giddens 7342 DTC-1-104 Div. of Alternative Student Services
Christi-Jo Gilbert 4405 DB-1100-118 Property Management
Fatima Gilbert 3356 DB-500-107 Academic Support Center
Jeffrey W. Gillis 3286 DB-1100-108 Central Recieving
Timothy Girard 4197 ATC-1-107U Criminal Justice
Global Friends Global Friends 3888 DB-100-224R Global Friends
Alice L. Godbey 3751 DB-330-235 Behavioral Science
Rosalynd Godfrey 3664 DB-100-119 Q,A
Mary M. Goetteman 3727 DB-320-240 Nursing
Samuel Goldstein 3617 DB-540-234 Humanities
Martin Goldys 3464 DB-200-314 College of Education
Michelle Goldys 3331 DB-100-119 Enrollment
Bonnie Gomez Gonzalez 3770 DB-200-301 College of Education
Darryl Gordon 3254 DB-100-107T Academic Advising
Kerry Ann Gore 2037 WC-7-147 Academic Advising
Michiko C. Gosney 3913 DB-500-104 Academic Support Center
Corinne A. Gratton 2076 WC-7-139 Academic Advising
Paul Grau 4837 FC-3-114D Mathematics
Timothy Graves 3929 DB-430B-110 Facilities Services
Benjamin Graydon 3927 DB-540-221 English
Darryl Greeley 4029 DB-UCF-140-107E UCF-Associate Director
Betty Green 3091 DB-200-324 College of Education
LaKesha Green 4190 ATC-106 Campus Safety ATC
Scott Green 1918 NJC-103C SMEA
Yvonne Green 3980 DB-300-221 Adult Education
Terrie Greenbaum 3634 DB-500-110 Div. of Alternative Student Services
Betty L Greene 3597 DB-510-115 Cosmetology
James Greene 4429 DB-320-531 Health, Human & Public Services
Meghan Griffin 3085 DB-200-405 BAS Program
Loraine Griffiths 2011 WC-7-103 Enrollment
Kim Grippa 3874 DB-200-408 School of Applied Business
Maryann Gromoll 3546 DB-200-309 College of Education
Group Excercise Studio Group Excercise Studio 4309 DB-302-018A Health & Wellness
Max Grunbaum Nagiel 3829 DB-200-414 School of Applied Business
Akeima Guinyard 3715 DB-500-103A Div. of Alternative Student Services
Frank Gunshanan 3275 DB-540-206 English
Jesse Guthrie 3090 DB-400-106B Instructional Resources
Jocelyn Hall 7365 DTC-1-104 Academic Support Center
Sharon E. Haller 3046 DB-430-100 Facilities Services/Admin
Jo-Ann Halloran 3667 DB-200-329 College of Education
Melinda Hamilton 6321 SC-1-110A Academic Advising
Sandra Hancock 3761 DB-410-108 Science
Sally Hansen 2096 WC-4-125 Behavioral Science
Pam Hanson-Peterson 4609 DB-220-222 Humanities
John P. Hardebeck 3510 DB-300-120I Information Technology
Kim Hardiman 3678 DB-330-227 Behavioral Science
Jewel Harper 3288 DB-100-104L Financial Aid
William Harrison 4306 DB-200-206K Faculty Innovation Center
Yolaunda Harrison 3315 DB-100-104 Financial Aid
Jennifer Rae Hart 4409 DB-100-313F Accounting
Lynn Hartley 3931 DB-200-325 College of Education
Leroy Harvey 4432 DB-430-113A Facilities Services/Custodian
Christina Hastie 2018 WC-1-112 Library
Theresa Hatcher 3022 DB-100-313N Accounts Payable
Ann Hauptman 3983 DB-100-118 Admissions
John Hawk 3421 DB-300-131 Information Technology
Lynn Hawkins 3905 DB-540-214 Humanities
Judy Haydt 3110 DB-100-302B Foundation
Health Careers Wellness Fax Health Careers Wellness Fax 386-506-4491 DB-320-327 FAX
Erin Heaphy 3461 DB-1100-106 Central Recieving
Paul Heaton 4507 DB-310-125 Health & Wellness
Wallace Henderson 2094 WC-5-111 Mathematics
Elena Henning 3478 DB-100-208 Records
Margie Hensler 3487 DB-200-301D College of Education
Elizabeth Herbster 7354 DTC-1-115 Adult Education
Maxine Hicks 3745 DB-320-334 Nursing
Diane S. Higelin 3607 DB-100-307E Payroll
Terrance Hilbert 3988 DB-130-108 Student Disability Services
Peggy Hill 4048 DB-UCF-150-300B UCF-Education
Deborah Hirsh 2009 WC-4-215 English
Sarah Ho 4832 FC-2-116 Science
Kenneth Hobbs 3565 DB-1100-119 Property Management
Nancy Hodge 4444 DB-540-116 Campus Safety DB
George W. Hogan 3214 DB-300-108D Information Technology
Holly Hollins 3716 DB-340-114 Speech
Coryne Holmes 3821 DB-320-217 Nursing
Lakisha Holmes 3580 DB-500-140 Mathematics
Diane Holmes Curtice 3651 DB-500-122 Academic Support Center
Beth Hoodiman 3619 DB-100-118G Admissions
Erik Hoover 386-492-1660 VP DB-340-213D World Languages
John Hopp 2046 WC-6B-222 Academic Support Center
Sandra Horikami 4313 DB-410-107 Science
Brandi Horn 3078 DB-500-124 Academic Support Center
Andrea Horney 3210 DB-100-102 Student Accounts
Deborah Horvath 3705 DB-320-245 Nursing
Sandrajoy Horvath 3338 DB-320-236 Nursing
Sirena Houdyshell 3458 DB-100-105 Registration
Lisa Houser 4844 FC-2-104 Assessment
Kim Hover 3165 DB-1200-149 Southeast Museum of Photography
Dean Howe 3379 DB-100-205D Workforce & Cont Ed
Patricia I. Howell 3242 DB-100-313M Accounts Payable
Randall Howell 3387 DB-1100-102 Copy Center
Tashana Howse 3077 DB-200-330 College of Education
Krystal Hoy Gentile 3260 DB-100-105E Academic Advising
Heather M. Huckaby 3311 DB-100-104C Financial Aid
Carri L. Hudgins 3463 DB-100-208H Records
Human Resources Human Resources 4505 DB-100-303E Human Resources
Jeffery Hunt 4888 FC-3-114A Campus Safety FC
Renee M. Hunt 3879 DB-300-108E Information Technology
Jim Hyde 2207 WC-7-151 School of Student Life Skills
Cynthia Iafanti 3097 DB-310-235 Health & Wellness
Sharon Ielfield 3343 DB-100-205C Judicial Affairs and Student Development
Cindy L. Ifanti 3097 DB-310-235 Health & Wellness
IN MOTION IN MOTION 3686 DB-130-119 Student Activities
Information Technology Fax Information Technology Fax 386-506-4478 DB-300-113 FAX
Information Technology Service Desk Information Technology Service Desk 3950 DB-300-119 Information Technology
Institutional Research Institutional Research 3691 DB-100-413L Institutional Research
Institutional Research Fax Institutional Research Fax 386-506-4483 DB-100-413 FAX
Judith Isakson 4853 FC-2-105L Humanities
Amy Iverson 3240 DB-100-102C Student Accounts
James Jabluszewski 4120 ATC-1-107D EMS
Diana K. Jabour 3492 DB-330-214A Arts/Sciences
Justin Jabour 3320 DB-300-220 Adult Education
Robert Jacobs 3364 DB-100-118E Admissions
Annette James 3035 DB-100-413H Institutional Research
Elena Jarvis 3268 DB-530-232E Humanities
Eric Jenkins 2099 WC-1-114 Library
Georgia Jenkins 4182 ATC-1-125E EMS
Tanya Jenkins 3415 DB-500-145 Mathematics
Jimmie Jines 3216 DB-200-110 Information Technology
Patricia Johnson 4816 FC-3-114B English
Lynne B. Johnston 4545 DB-110-205 Institutional Events
Alfreda Jones 4432 DB-430-113A Facilities Services/Custodian
Brittany Jones 3403 DB-310-100A Athletics
Eric Jones 2240 WC-6-201 Science
Felecia Jones 4432 DB-430-113A Facilities Services/Custodian
Janson Jones 3033 DB-200-206K Writing Center
Nancy Jontes-Lee 3604 DB-210-118 Library
Kevin C. Jordan 3771 DB-410-121 Science
Prabavathi Jothimadan 3762 DB-410-246 Science
Jornal of Florida Studies Journal of Florida Studies 3802 DB-110-208 External
Judicial Affairs Judicial Affairs 4510 DB-540-116 Judicial Affairs
Marek Juracek 3992 DB-300-125B Information Technology
Gail Kaddy 3845 DB-100-107 Assessment
Kenneth Kaiser 4444 DB-540-116 Campus Safety DB
Andrew Kandefer 3949 DB-500-102B Academic Support Center
Margaret Karda 4219 DB-210-211 English
Waleska Kardas 3414 DB-100-303G Human Resources
Christina Katsolis 4569 DB-1200-242 Southeast Museum of Photography
Yohani Kayinamura 3516 DB-410-220 Science
James Keeling 3292 DB-1100-102 Mailroom
Pamela Kelley 3270 DB-100-313L Accounts Payable
Keith R. Kennedy 3562 DB-100-210 Judicial Affairs
Angela Kennerly 3223 DB-100-404F Academic Affairs
Peggy Kennerly 4051 DB-UCF-140-310C UCF-Psychology
Lee Kenyon 3557 DB-200-419 BAS Program
Jessica Kester 3784 DB-540-221 English
Antonie Keyes Coleman 3954 DB-100-104 Financial Aid
Curtis Kirk Jr. 4444 DB-540-116 Campus Safety DB
Melissa Kirwan 3904 DB-100-413 Institutional Effectiveness
Connie J Kisner 3080 DB-320-552 College of Health
Casey Knecht 4178 ATC-1-171 Workforce & Cont. Ed
Deanna Knight 4435 DB-200-429 School of Applied Business
Richard Knipple 3986 DB-1200-101 Culinary
Robert Koeneke 4109 ATC-1-107D Engineering Technology
Cheryl Kohen 4305 DB-210-130 Library
Lisa Koogle 4459 DB-100-224J Resource Development
Joseph Kopel 2024 WC-7-118 Campus Safety WC
Kathleen Korbich 2065 WC-5-110 Mathematics
Bruce Kozak 3678 DB-330-222 Behavioral Science
Beata Kozlowski 3739 DB-210-124 Library
Richard Kraskin 2047 WC-7-104M Humanities
Nori Kross 3207 DB-100-307E Payroll
Chris Kruger 4848 FC-2-106C Information Technology
Tami Kruger 3193 DB-320-527 College of Health
Leslee Kubiet 4067 DB-UCF-140-309 UCF-Nursing
Brianna Kurtz 3575 DB-500-144 Mathematics
Michelle L. La Plant 3750 DB-100-102E Student Accounts
Luis Laboy 3698 DB-110-118M Admissions/Recruitment
Shirish Lala 3850 DB-320-428 Occupational Therapy
Sarah Landerville 4087 DB-UCF-140-308C Nursing
Ben Landon 3514 DB-500-104A Mathematics
Patricia Lane 4202 ATC-1-107 Criminal Justice
Ginny LaRue 3998 DB-UCF-100-208N Joint Advisor
Amanda Lasecki 3481 DB-100-224F Resource Development
Charlene Latimer 3142 DB-100-224 School of Student Life Skills
Ana Laureano 3147 DB-320-135 Child Care Training
Beverly Lawrence 3177 DB-100-402Q Administration
Kathleen P. Lazarus 3649 DB-150-313 English
Rebecca Leahey 4804 FC-2-100 Admissions
Angela Leary 4070 DB-UCF-140-101 UCF-Director's Office
Andrea Leech 386-252-0601 x203 DB-600-101 FSU
Susan Leibee 3917 DB-320-133 Allied Health
Lori Lemoine 3486 DB-130-110 Student Activities
Debra Leonard 2224 WC-6B-222 Academic Support Center
Krissy Leonard 3018 DB-100-224K School of Student Life Skills
Tina Lesshafft 3323 DB-100-208 Records
Joy Lewis 3683 DB-200-307 College of Education
Roxanne Lewis 3634 DB-500-109 Div. of Alternative Student Services
Library Reference Desk Library Reference Desk 3518 DB-200-201 Library
Library Resource Front Desk Library Resource Front Desk 3605 DB-200-111A Library
Wesley J. Liddell 2013 WC-7-107 Financial Aid
Roger Linke 3280 DB-530-219B Photography
Spike Lionarons 3671 DB-300-107 Information Technology
Bronwen Llewellyn 3693 DB-540-224 Humanities
Cindy Llewellyn 3796 DB-100-102 Student Accounts
Thomas LoBasso 4408 DB-100-402F President
Amy Locklear 3079 DB-100-404 Academic Affairs
Roberto S. Lombardo 3159 DB-300-104 Information Technology
Brenda Loper 3564 DB-100-224 School of Student Life Skills
Vania Lopez 3471 DB-300-229A Center for Women & Men
Kevin Lorden 3576 DB-400-107 Instructional Resources
Kendra Loughry 3696 DB-100-118M Admissions
Peter Lovell 3854 DB-410-112 Science
Howard Lowe 3508 DB-400-137E Center for Interactive Media
Carole Luby 3328 DB-100-108G Counseling Services
Michele Macklefresh Franks 3298 DB-320-020 School of Health Careers and Human Services
Costa Magoulas 3578 DB-1200-210 Culinary
Sue Mahan 3031 DB-UCF-140-202A UCF-Criminal Justice
Patty Maher 4188 ATC-1-125C Allied Health/EMS
Mail Services Mail Services 3387 DB-1100-102A Mailroom
Michael Mallott 2231 WC-1-124 Behavioral Science
Libby Malmberg 3130 DB-100-402Q Administration
Karthikeya Mamillapalle 3847 DB-500-159 Mathematics
Sabrina Manhart 4523 DB-440-115 Athletics
Betty Ann Mantero 3641 DB-200-422 BAS Administration
Paulette Marek 2078 WC-7-144 English
James Marindino 2211 WC-7-108 Admissions
Bruce Maring 2097 WC-5-116 Science
Marketing and Communications Marketing and Communications 4588 DB-100-218 Marketing & Communications
Reed Markham 2035 WC-4-211 Speech
Alice Marlles 7344 DTC-1-104 Div. of Alternative Student Services
Patricia A. Marrow 3666 DB-320-225 Nursing
Bonnie B. Marsh 4020 DB-UCF-140-101E UCF-Director's Office
Harmon Marshall 3789 DB-100-107 Assessment
Audrey Martin 3853 DB-100-303N Human Resources
Tracy Martin 4723 DB-110-234 SBDC
Anita Maruco 3458 DB-100-105 Registration
Kathleen Mathen 4819 FC-2-100 Financial Aid
Diane Mathers 3811 DB-340-213A School of World Languages
Jessica Matthews 3004 DB-1100-122 Purchasing
Kenneth Matthews 3810 DB-100-405A QEP Research
Marla Mattox 2209 WC-7-144 Nursing
Jennifer L. Maxwell 3120 DB-300-215B Adult Education
Donald May 3442 DB-200-308 College of Education
Cynthia McAvoy 3354 DB-100-205 Student Disability Services
David McCallister 4177 ATC-1-107T EMS
Mark McCann 4416 DB-1200-145 College of Hospitality
Linda McClanahan 3912 DB-540-226 English
Clarence McCloud 6301 SC-1-102 Dean South Campus
Neal Mccoppin 3982 DB-100-218C Div. of Alternative Student Services
Alan McCoy 3009 DB-330-213A Arts & Science
Kevin McCrary 3158 DB-100-104J Financial Aid
Melanie H McDonough 3759 DB-320-426 College of Health
Donna Suzy McDowell 4495 DB-300-208A Adult Education
Vickie McDowell 386-252-0601 x201 DB-600-101 FSU
Dolores McElroy 3160 DB-540-107 Campus Safety DB
Heather McGrane 3327 DB-540-204 English
Michael McKeown 7331 DTC-1-230B History
John McNeely 4808 FC-3-114B Behavioral Science
Thomas McNeill 3233 DB-100-321A Accounting
Debbie McRee 4322 DB-430A-103 Facilities Planning
Gloria Jeannie Meade 3387 DB-1100-102A Copy Center
Noraida Medina 3869 DB-320-134 Child Care Training
Christina Meeks 2067 WC-6A-101 Dental Sciences
Grady Meeks 3856 DB-200-314 BAS Program
Ali Mehrabian 4195 ATC-1-107S Engineering Technology
Davinder Mehta 3287 DB-110-118P Admissions/Recruitment
Tom Melton 6316 SC-2-111 Information Technology
Kristie Menello 4431 DB-100-303G Human Resources
Frank Mercer 4461 DB-110-235 Center for Business & Industry
Louie W. Mercer 4201 ATC-1-107A Criminal Justice
Lynn Mercer 4408 DB-100-402 President's Office
Joseph Mercier 3295 DB-330-202 Behavioral Science
Brenda Merritt 3314 DB-540-106 Campus Safety DB
Robert Mertens 4116 ATC-1-215T Computer Science
Scott R. Metzger 3655 DB-500-102B Academic Support Center
Garald Meyer 3537 DB-540-114 Campus Safety DB
Kyle Meyer 3645 DB-430-107D Facilities Services
Linda Dianne Miles 3720 DB-320-207 Health,Human & Public Services
Cheryl Miller 4143 ATC-1-125C Workbase
David Miller 3509 DB-530-103G Photography
Kevin Miller 4469 DB-530-232C Photography
Sandra A. Miller 3420 DB-100-105N Academic Advising
Tina Miller 3710 DB-100-118 Admissions
Kathy Miltenberger 7346 DTC-1-103 Cosmetology
Stephanie Mims 3496 DB-100-303C Human Resources
Daniel Mixer 1923 NJC-221-117 SMEA
Donna Mixon 7319 DTC-1-230 Humanities
Lisa Mobley 3017 DB-300-125E Information Technology
MOCI MOCI 3073 DB-100-205 Career Services
Alison L. Mohr 3400 DB-310-242 Athletics
Gary S. Monroe 3470 DB-530-232J Photography
Robert Monroe 3868 DB-300-108A Information Technology
Isalene T. Montgomery 3961 DB-100-309B Center for Women & Men
Emily Moore 2004 WC-4-214 Health & Wellness
Karla Moore 3650 DB-100-413D Institutional Effectiveness
Theresa Moore 3938 DB-200-418B BAS Program
Kenneth Moorhouse 4179 ATC-1-125D EMS
Patricia Moran 3594 DB-1200-121 Culinary
Nancy B. Morgan 4579 DB-100-413J Resource Development
Russell Morin 3662 DB-300-124E Financial Education Federal Credit Union
Ron Morrison 3918 DB-330-214B Honors
Aileen Morrissey 3475 DB-100-104J Financial Aid
Bruce Morton 3527 DB-330-216 Humanities
Paula Morton 4419 DB-320-540B Institute for Health Service
Linda Moss 3756 DB-320-548 Allied Health
Bahman Motlagh 4170 ATC-1-107R Engineering Technology
Motorcycle Registration Class Motorcycle Registration Class 800-372-3335 Off Campus MOTORCYCLE CLASS REGISTRATION
Tamara Mottler 3215 DB-320-532 Allied Health
Anne-Marie Muldowney 4116 ATC-1-215U Computer Science
MultiCultural Intl. Resource Ctr. MultiCultural Intl. Resource Ctr. 386-506-4465 DB-110-240 FAX
David Munoz 386-323-7006 OSCC Adult Education-OSCC
Shannon Murdock 3976 DB-200-107 Writing Center
Karen Murphy 2032 WC-7-122 Bookstore
Jackson Musyimi 3261 DB-200-413 BAS Program
Magdolna Muszka 3522 DB-320-540B Institute for Health Service
Maggie Muszka 3522 DB-320-540 Health Services
Tina Myers 3101 DB-100-309 Accounting
Patricia K. Navarra 3513 DB-100-118Q Admissions
Marilyn B Neal 3543 DB-100-208T Records
Shawn Nelan 3259 DB-200-109 Information Technology
New Smyrna Academic Advising New Smyrna Academic Advising 6321 SC-1-108 Academic Advising
New Smyrna Academic Support Center New Smyrna Academic Support Center 6329 SC-2-104 Academic Support Center
New Smyrna Administration New Smyrna Administration 6302 SC-1-101 Student Development
New Smyrna Adult Education New Smyrna Adult Education 6333 SC-1-128 Adult Educaiton
New Smyrna Assessment New Smyrna Assessment 6328 SC-1-128 Assessment
New Smyrna Barbering Reception New Smyrna Barbering Reception 6320 SC-2-125 Cosmetology
New Smyrna Campus Bookstore New Smyrna Campus Bookstore 6314 SC-1-122 Bookstore
New Smyrna Campus Safety New Smyrna Campus Safety 6334 SC-1-134 Campus Safety SC
New Smyrna Cashier New Smyrna Cashier 6302 SC-1-109A Student Accounts
New Smyrna Counseling New Smyrna Counseling 6308 SC-1-109 Counseling Services
New Smyrna Falcon Center New Smyrna Falcon Center 6327 SC-1-108 New Smyrna Falcon Center
New Smyrna Fresh Start Program New Smyrna Fresh Start Program 6307 SC-1-110 Center for Women & Men
New Smyrna Registration Department Fax New Smyrna Registration Department Fax 386-423-6331 SC-1-109 FAX
New Smyrna SGA New Smyrna SGA 6312 SC-1-131 Student Government
New Smyrna Student Disability TDDY Phone New Smyrna Student Disability TDDY Phone 386-423-6303 SC-1 Student Disability Services
Sheri Newble-Dunn 4068 DB-UCF-140-107A UCF-Admissions
James Newell 3848 DB-540-233 English
James Niceley 1914 NJC-1-146 SMEA
Rebecca Nichols 3721 DB-320-209 Nursing
Bret Nielsen 3125 DB-430A-108H Facilities Planning
Leida Nieves 4845 FC-2-101E Academic Advising
Brittany Nikolow 6319 SC-2-143 Nursing
NJC Box Office NJC Box Office 1927 NJC-810-104 News Journal Center
NJC Campus Safety NJC Campus Safety 1902 NJC-1-102 Campus Safety NJC
NJC Reception NJC Reception 1913 NJC-221-104 SMEA
Justin Nolan 3244 DB-UCF-530-232G; UCF-Photography
Nick Nunes 2208 WC-7-149 School of Student Life Skills
Nursing Dept. Nursing Dept. 3250 DB-320-211 Nursing
Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy 3624 DB-320-115 Allied Health
Mary Oehmke 3644 DB-320-335 Nursing
Sandra D. Offiah 3358 DB-540-207 English
Raafat Okasha 6310 DB-2-148 Mathematics
Maureen Oliveri 4056 DB-UCF-140-309B UCF-Nursing
Mary Olshefski 3786 DB-310-102 Health & Wellness
ONE STOP CAREER CENTER ONE STOP CAREER CENTER 386-586-5169 Flagler/Palm Coast C Flagler/Palm Coast
Mike Orcel 3488 DB-300-108i Instructional Resources
Harold Orndorff 3433 DB-330-221 Social Science
Amy Osman 2055 WC-4-112 Behavioral Science
Linda Ottesen 7317 DTC-1-205 Financial Aid
Margaret R. Overbey 4565 DB-500-170 Faculty Development & Mathematics
Rachel Owens 3842 DB-210-203 Library
William Owens 3733 DB-500-124 Academic Support Center
Veronica Oxford 3714 DB-300-227D Center for Women & Men
Michael A. Paciello 4307 DB-300-135 Information Technology
Kyla Pacitto 4156 ATC-1-215M Computer Science
Ivelisse Pagan 3349 DB-100-118E Admissions
Adriana Paiva 6345 SC-2-104 Academic Support Center
Clarence Pan 3867 DB-1200-205 Culinary
Jacqueline Pappas 3407 DB-100-302F Foundation
Paralegal and Legal Assisstants Paralegal and Legal Assisstants 4461 DB-110-235 Center for Business & Industry
Bettye J. Parham 2053 WC-4-111 Computer Science
Joanne D. Parker 4224 DB-110-241 Center for Business & Industry
Michelle L. Parker 3189 DB-320-505 Allied Health
Anindya Paul 4155 ATC-1-215N Computer Science
Amanda Pauley 3213 DB-300-108P Information Technology
Kathleen Payne 3828 DB-100-118 Admissions
PAYROLL PAYROLL 3607 DB-100-306 Payroll
Payroll FAX Payroll FAX 386-506-3096 DB-100-321 FAX
Sue Pelletier 3947 DB-100-104K Financial Aid
Michael Pence 3293 DB-500-122 TriO
Tanja Pennino 7355 DTC-1-115D Adult Education
Sirani Perera 3833 DB-500-163 Mathematics
Roza Peretta 3955 DB-100-104 Financial AId
Janice Peretti 3444 DB-300-108N Information Technology
John Petellet 3678 DB-330-222 Behavioral Science
Ingrid Petersen 3892 DB-130-108 Student Disability Services
Claire Peterson 2068 WC-6-113 Dental Sciences
Douglas Peterson 3276 DB-230-113 Cultural Arts
Gail Petracca 7324 DTC-1-127B Nursing
Nicholas Petropouleas 3409 DB-330-216 Behavioral Science
Anglelina Petrozza 3401 DB-400-153B WDSC-TV 15
Howard Peyton 4444 DB-540-116 Campus Safety DB
PHI THETA KAPPA DB PHI THETA KAPPA DB 3330 DB-130-106 Student Activities
PHI THETA KAPPA FC PHI THETA KAPPA FC 4806 FC-2-104A Student Activities
PHI THETA KAPPA WC PHI THETA KAPPA WC 2073 WC-4-152 Student Activities
Claude Phillips 4166 ATC-1-215D Computer Science
William Phillips 4175 ATC-1-164A Air Conditioning,Heating & Refrigeration
Physcial Plant Vehicle Maintenance Physcial Plant Vehicle Maintenance 3265 DB-430-125 Facilities Services/Vehicle Maint.
Physical Plant Custodian Physical Plant Custodian 4432 DB-430-113A Facilities Services/Custodian
Physical Plant Fax Physical Plant Fax 386-506-3045 DB-430-108 FAX
Physical Therapy Physical Therapy 3752 DB-320-454 Allied Health
Myron Piatek 4418 DB-430D-128B Facilities Services
Vincenzo Piazza 2079 WC-7-156 Humanities
John Picione 3766 DB-410-211 Science
Joanne Pigliacampi 3903 DB-110-118P Admissions/Recruitment
Audrey Pingshaw 4824 FC-2-100C Student Disability Services
Joanne Pinkston McDuffie 3441 DB-540-230 University Center
Timothy Pintello 4126 ATC-1-215G Computer Science
Vivian Plantier 5534 DB-100-202 Enrollment
Joshua Poniatowski 3803 DB-100-105 Academic Advising
Derrick Porter 3539 DB-100-105 Academic Advising
Presidents Office Fax Presidents Office Fax 386-506-4440 DB-100-402J FAX
Property Management Fax Property Management Fax 4289 DB-1100-102 FAX
Property Management Fax Property Management Fax 386-506-4289 DB-1100-120 Property Management
Steven Pruitt 3366 DB-130-111 Student Activities
Q&A Q&A 3058 DB-100-119 Registration
Q&A Fax Q&A Fax 386-506-3037 DB-100-109 FAX
Joan Rademacher 3390 DB-100-205E Counseling Services
Radiology Halifax Center Radiology Halifax Center 386-254-4075 Off Campus Radiology
Roger W. Raffaelo 4174 ATC-1-164A Air Conditioning,Heating & Refrigeration
Beth Rafferty 4138 ATC-1-104E Engineering Technology
Hanh Ragone 3529 DB-100-218E Marketing & Communications
Alireza Rahrooh 4106 ATC-1-107N Engineering Technology
Mike Ramsey 3411 DB-100-208M Records
Lisa Randel 3545 DB-130-125A Veteran's Center
Diane Barbara Rawlins 3773 DB-100-105K Academic Advising
Scott D. Reed 3219 DB-210-129 Interactive Television
Thelma Reed 3395 DB-300-113H Information Technology
Jamel Reid 7368 DTC-1-104 Academic Support
Christopher Reilly 3355 DB-440-108 Athletics
Karen L. Reilly 3742 DB-320-316 Nursing
Marvin Ray Reinhart 4444 DB-540-116 Campus Safety DB
Vida Renaud 3141 DB-100-212 Global Education
Michael Rentnelli 4462 DB-400-154A Instructional Resources
Ethan Repyneck 6326 SC-2-148 Mathematics
Rachel Repyneck 3972 DB-500-124B Academic Support Center
Respiratory Care Respiratory Care 3780 DB-320-453 Allied Health
Leticia Reyes 3548 DB-100-104 Financial Aid
Ron Reynolds 4190 ATC-106 Campus Safety ATC
Stacey Reynolds 3669 DB-520-111A Cultural Arts
Beverly Rhodes 3375 DB-100-105F Academic Advising
Jean Rhodes 4846 FC-2-105K Humanities and Communications
Mary Rhodes 3523 DB-100-224F Accounting
Todd Richardson 2054 WC-4-212 School of Applied Business
Ryan Ridder 3105 DB-310-232 Athletics
Pamela S. Ridilla 2093 WC-6-104 Dental Sciences
Tiffany Riggs 3789 DB-100-107 Assessment
Geraldine Rimstidt 3823 DB-320-551 Health, Human & Public Services
Amy Ringue 3186 DB-200-326 College of Education
Antonio Rivera 3640 DB-1100-119 Property Management
Celia Rivera 3267 DB-100-313 Accounting
Evan Rivers 3778 DB-540-209 English
Suzanne Roberts 386-252-0601 x206 DB-600-101 FSU
Raphel R. Robinson 4028 DB-UCF-140-107B UCF-Admissions
Julie M. Rocco 3499 DB-330-214 Behavioral Science
Timothy Rock 4831 FC-1-123 Computer Science
Carey Roebling 3702 DB-300-113 Information Technology
Alexis Rogers 3074 DB-1200-254 Southeast Museum of Photography
Philip Rogers 2202 WC-7-148 Student Activities
Richard W. Rogers 3408 DB-330-210 Behavioral Science
Allen Roller 4085 DB-UCF-140-204C UCF-Computer Lab
Juliana Romnes 3350 DB-1200-249 Southeast Museum of Photography
Mark Roos 2038 WC-6-205 Science
Lillian Jane Rosati 3797 DB-320-244 Nursing
Allison Rose 3114 DB-310-216 Athletics
Jeannie Rose 4157 ATC-1-215T Computer Science
Tom Roseberry 3382 DB-430-107G Campus Safety DB
Jared Rothstein 3173 DB-330-206 Behavorial Science
Roger D. Rowan 4171 ATC-104C Apprenticeship Programs
Edwin Rowland 4119 ATC-1-175 Computer Science
Patrick Roy 3284 DB-340-108 Speech
Miriam Ruiz 3362 DB-100-105E Academic Advising
Bernice Ruiz Quiros 2082 WC-7-116 Career Services
Harry Russo 3153 DB-100-218J Marketing & Communications
Allison Ryan 4588 DB-100-218 Marketing & Communications
Kent Ryan 4801 FC-2-100M Administration
Sandra Salts 5536 DB-100-202 Enrollment
Joel Sanchez 3915 DB-440-107 Athletics
Yvana SanClemente 3368 DB-300-122 Financial Education Federal Credit Union
Karen Sanders 3050 DB-100-118K Admissions/Recruitment
Derek Sanford 3197 DB-400-106C Instructional Resources
Jeanelle Santana 3166 DB-100-119 Registration
Rosalyn Santana 4084 DB-UCF-150-107 UCF-Business Services
Melissa Santos 7348 DTC-1-214 Campus Director Office
Bart Sasnett 3064 DB-310-100A Athletics
Lisa Satterfield 3851 DB-100-105 Academic Advising
Arlene Saum 3430 DB-330-207 Behavioral Science
Robert Saum 3484 DB-300-120F Instructional Resources
Gail Savicki 3054 DB-430A-101 Facilities Services
Walter Saviuk 2021 WC-5-116 Science
Christel Saylor 3172 DB-500-167 Mathematics
Barbara Scarbough 3429 DB-500-103A Academic Support Center
Valerie Schimenti 3264 DB-210-118 Library
School of Business School of Business 3086 DB-200-406 School of Business
School of Student Life Skills School of Student Life Skills 3143 DB-100-224 School of Student Life Skills
School of Student Life Skills Fax School of Student Life Skills Fax 386-506-3253 DB-100-224 FAX
School of Technology & Occupational Program Fax School of Technology & Occupational Program Fax 386-506-3855 DB-340-213 FAX
Michelle Scorza 2223 WC-7-117 Assessment
Erin Scott 6346 SC-2-104 Academic Support Center
Bryan Seagrave 3549 DB-100-218A Marketing & Communications
Jayanti Seiler 3367 DB-530-232M Photography
Barbara Selig 3063 DB-150-110 TIAA
Steven D. Selig 3169 DB-430A-108G Facilities Planning
Warren J. Selig 3996 DB-430-107I Facilities Services/Irrigation
Mary Sellers 3909 DB-100-118 Admissions
Paige Sempsrott 3942 DB-100-303 Human Resources
Bethany Session 7316 DTC-1-208 Student Disability Services
Lisa Severson 6342 SC-1-101A Financial Aid
SGA Main Office SGA Main Office 3567 DB-130-151 Student Government
SGA President SGA President 3877 DB-130-153 Student Government
SGA Vice President SGA Vice President 3907 DB-130-152 Student Government
James Shaeffer 3116 DB-300-113F Instructional Resources
Sohrab Shahidi 4181 ATC-1-215J Computer Science
Cathy Shone 3891 DB-530-232 Photography
Mark Shrider 3995 DB-300-135 Information Technology
David Silvey 3741 DB-300-113 Information Technology
Robert C. Simmons 3785 DB-110-207 Accounting
John Sinnott 2050 WC-5-113 Mathematics
Small Business Fax Small Business Fax 386-506-4602 DB-110-223 FAX
Alissa Smith 4317 DB-440-115 Athletics
Bill Smith 4187 ATC-1-125H Criminal Justice
Chad Smith 1904 NJC-221-103B SMEA
Kathryn Smith 3731 DB-320-317 Nursing
Richard Smith 3229 DB-320-137 Allied Health
Stacy Smith 3924 DB-110-230 School of Workforce & CE
William Smith 4199 ATC-1-178 Automotive
Ted Sofianos 4812 FC-2-120E Student Life Skills
James Sokolinski 3789 DB-100-107 Assessment
Cindy Somers 4802 FC-2-100D Administration
Marisa Sousa 4450 DB-110-236 Center for Business & Industry
Southeast Museum of Photography Southeast Museum of Photography 4475 DB-1200-149 Southeast Museum of Photography
Southeast Museum Of Photography Fax Southeast Museum Of Photography Fax 386-506-4487 DB-1200-252 FAX
Gregory L. Sparks 4118 ATC-215P Computer Science
Mary Spencer 386-252-0601 x202 DB-600-101 FSU
Steve Spencer 4093 DB-UCF-530-232P UCF-Digital Media
Sports Medicine Fax Sports Medicine Fax 3198 DB-310-210 FAX
Jeffrey Squires 4714 DB-410-111 Science
Gina M. Stafford 3398 DB-300-220 Adult Education
Robert Stanley 3439 DB-100-208G Institutional Research
Vicki Stanley 3292 DB-1100-102 Mailroom
State Auditors State Auditors 3226 DB-100-226 State Auditors
Laura Stegall 3670 DB-310-243 Athletics
Samantha Stern 1903 NJC-221-114 SMEA
Laura Stewart 3916 DB-540-213 Humanities
Suzanne I Stewart 3540 DB-340-208 School of World Languages
Kristin Stillwell 3623 DB-210-118 Library Services
Gregg T. Stone 2070 WC-6-217 Academic Support Center
Ryan Stowers 3824 DB-300-135 Information Technology
Judson Stryker 3963 DB-500-158 Mathematics
Rose Stuart 3657 DB-130-108 Student Disability Services
Student Accounts Student Accounts 3024 DB-100-102 Student Accounts
Student Activities Clubs Student Activities Clubs 3232 DB-130-105 Student Activities Clubs
Student Activities Fax Student Activities Fax 386-506-3155 DB-130-113 FAX
Student Disability Services Student Disability Services 386-506-3152 DB-130-108 FAX
Student Disability TDDY Phone Student Disability TDDY Phone 386-506-4136 ATC-1-104A Student Disability Services
Sherry Stupack 2043 WC-6-125 Nursing
Luke Sui 4124 ATC-1-215F Computer Science
Linda A. Sullivan 4154 ATC-1-215 Computer Science
Sandra E. Summers 3294 DB-100-208I Records
Aaron Sunday 3209 DB-200-206C Faculty Innovation Center
Surgical Technology Surgical Technology 3747 DB-320-316 Allied Health
Tom Swain 6317 SC-2-144 Science
Jodie Swanson 4204 ATC-1-107 Criminal Justice
Max Swanton 3675 DB-500-102B Academic Support Center
Erik Sweet 3124 DB-500-147 Mathematics
Aaron Swihart 1933 NJC-221-121 SMEA
Paul Sykes 3348 DB-300-119 Information Technology
Amy Szoka 3730 DB-320-325 Nursing
Andrew Takla 3351 DB-300-131 Information Technology
Richard A. Tamburro 2069 WC-5-114 Mathematics
Scott Tammetta 3104 DB-100-207 Professional Development
Diana Tata 3984 DB-410-106 Science
Dave Tatum 3887 DB-300-135 Information Technology
Rodney Taylor 3674 DB-500-157 Mathematics
Faith M. Testerman 3519 DB-300-108B Instructional Resources
Gyaneshwar Tewari 3317 DB-110-228 SBDC
Linda Thacker 4010 DB-UCF-140-101C UCF-Administration
Harun Thomas 3948 DB-540-232 English
Herbert B. Thomas 4432 DB-430-113A Facilities Services/Custodian
Jennifer Thomas 3131 DB-130-113 Student Activities
Peter Thomas 4835 FC-2-120H Modern Language
Stephen Thomas 4222 DB-430-122 Facilities Services/Energy
Tammie Thomas 4009 DB-UCF-140-310 UCF-Psychology
Tammie Thomas 4021 DB-UCF-140-107 Admissions
Kathleen Thompson 3007 DB-230-114 Cultural Arts
Lonnie Thompson 3973 DB-100-316 Equity and Inclusion
Nancy Thompson 3086 DB-200-406 School of Business
Anne Thrower 3885 DB-210-138 Academic Support Center
Bonnie Thurman 7340 DTC-104-001A Div. of Alternative Student Services
Calandra Thurrott 3043 DB-100-105 Academic Advising
Sharon K. Tighe 3728 DB-320-242 Nursing
Bill Tillard 4433 DB-540-103 Campus Safety DB
Ericka Tillman 3283 DB-200-330 BAS Program
Michelle Timperio 2214 WC-1-116 Adult Education
Danijela Todorovic 7307 DTC-1-206 Assessment Center
John Tosi 3708 DB-310-105 Athletics
Tim Touma 3405 DB-440-107 Athletics
Lavaugh Towell 6310 SC-1-134 Humanities
Robyn Towner 3236 DB-320-455 Allied Health
Alice Trescott 3836 Adjunct V.M. Adult Education
Miriam Triani 3789 DB-100-107A Assessment
Tim Troian 4108 ATC-1-124M EMS
Winnie T Tucker 2081 WC-6B-128 Nursing
Gajendra Tulsian 3779 DB-410-209 Science
Sonia Turick 3825 DB-100-105M Academic Advising
Kristen Turner 3840 DB-100-321C Accounting
Catherine Twyman 3113 DB-320-427 Child Care Apprenticeship and Early Childhood
UFC COHPA UCF COHPA 386-506-3793 DB-UCF-140-202 UCF FAX
UCF Digital Media, Psychology, Photography Fax UCF Digital Media, Psychology, Photography Fax 386-506-4098 DB-UCF-140-310 UCF FAX
UpwardBound DB Fax UpwardBound DB Fax 386-506-3801 DB-100-212 FAX
Eric Urff 3026 DB-300-107 Information Technology
Hector Valle 4468 DB-400-106 Instructional Resources
Judy Valloze 3723 DB-320-241 Nursing
Patrick D. Van Dusen 3568 DB-530-232K Photography
Judith Van Horn 3965 DB-430D-125A Facilities Services/Grounds
Jacqui Van Kirk 4464 DB-400-152 WDSC-TV 15
Donna Van Wie 4063 DB-UCF-150-204E UCF-Computer Lab
Joseph R. Vance 3561 DB-530-103D Photography
Magnolia Varon 7326 DTC-1-127B Nursing
Sandy Vasquez 3827 DB-110-118P Admissions/Recruitment
Paul Vavrek 3804 DB-1100-105 Central Recieving
Ampy Vega-Tillias 3790 DB-410-146 Science
Kevin Lee Veiga 3183 DB-110-220 Performing Arts
Christopher Scott Velazco 1924 NJC-221-120 SMEA
Kelly Velez 7304 DTC-1-204 Campus Safety DTC
Veteran's Affairs Fax Veteran's Affairs Fax 386-506-4406 DB-100-225 FAX
Veteran's Center Veteran's Center 6309 SC-1-130 Veteran's Center
Sorenson Video Relay Srvcs 1-866-327-8877 DB-340-231D World Languages
Patrick Vilkinofsky 4183 ATC-1-107C Engineering Technology
Richard Vollaro 7330 DTC-1-230C English
Linda Vought 3250 DB-320-211 Allied Health
Robert Wagner 3752 DB-320-454 Allied Health
Peter J Waidelich 4690 DB-220-216 Music
Jeanne Walker 4057 DB-UCF-140-101 UCF-Academic Programs
Sandra M. Walker 3082 DB-100-306A Benefits
Wanda M. Walker 5538 DB-100-202 Enrollment
Michelle Wallis 3221 DB-100-104 Financial Aid
Eugene Walton 3013 DB-100-106M Financial Aid
Lei Wang 3491 DB-500-168 Mathematics
Yvonne Ward 3070 DB-300-222 Adult Education
Bruce Warner 7328 DTC-1-218 Assessment
Miriam Warren 4830 FC-2-105C Science
Winston Warren 4184 ATC-1-125F EMS
Camille Wasick 3911 DB-100-208X Student Appeals
Amy Watson 7345 DTC-103-005 Cosmetology
Linda Waymire 2092 WC-5-121 Mathematics
WDSC-TV 15 WDSC-TV 15 4415 DB-400-132 WDSC-TV 15
Christopher Weathers 3092 DB-430-122 Facilities Planning
Natalie Weaver 3755 DB-500-139 Mathematics
Elizabeth Webb 4892 FP-001-113 Trio Talent Search
Dustin R. Weeks 3593 DB-210-201C Library
David Weir 3971 DB-1200-206 Hospitality
John Weiss 3792 DB-200-422A School of Applied Business
Angela Wenzel 3146 DB-100-118E Admissions
Daniel Werry 3775 DB-1100-103 Copy Center
Laurence Wesley 3206 DB-100-224Q School of Student Life Skills
Paul Wheeler 3878 DB-300-113A Information Technology
Christopher Whitaker 2049 WC-4-130 Behavioral Science
Cody White 3346 DB-310-107A Athletics
Laurie White 4499 DB-100-218L Marketing & Communications
Trudy White 4852 FC-2-105J Mathematics
Cezary Wiak 3028 DB-400-106A Information Technology
Julie Wight 2215 WC-1-131 Adult Education
Constance Wilkerson 3191 DB-300-215 Adult Education
Atley Williams 4125 ATC-1-117 Admissions
Reginald A. Williams 3255 DB-540-236 English
Cassandra Wilmore 3691 DB-100-413L Institutional Research
John Wilson 3782 DB-100-118I Admissions
April Winkel 6320 SC-2-125 Cosmetology
Barbara Wolf 3665 DB-300-124H Financial Education Federal Credit Union
Jill Wood 3613 DB-100-307G Payroll
Debra Woodall 3765 DB-420-167 Science
Allison Worsham 2057 WC-5-207 Science
Kathleen Wrenn 4404 DB-100-303I Human Resources
Brian Wright 3610 DB-100-205 Career Services
Charlotte Wright 2034 WC-7-158 Campus Director Office
Laine Wyatt 4092 DB-UCF-530-232M UCF-Photography
Ted M. Wygant 3517 DB-220-228 Cultural Arts
Judy Yates 3659 DB-100-307J Payroll
Sarah Yates 1906 NJC-221-103A SMEA
Anthony Yee 4315 DB-100-313G Accounting
Keith Young 3994 DB-300-135 Information Technology
Nabeel Yousef 4123 ATC-1-107Q Engineering Technology
Youth Orchestra Youth Orchestra 3007 DB-230-123 Music
Jeffrey Zahnen 3555 DB-500-161 Mathematics
Mike Zuba 3749 DB-510-112 Cosmetology
Sylvia J. Zuelch 3392 DB-300-105 Information Technology
Ronald F. Zukoski 7313 DTC-1-206 Assessment